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Having a genuine interest in the health of your business, BTG Restructuring are prepared to work closely with you to address the operational and financial challenges that will secure its future. The restructuring team work along side directors and boards, lenders and stakeholders and all levels of management to create and implement strategies that give you the best chance of a successful restructuring.

BTG Restructuring have an established track record in helping businesses address operational and financial challenges that hinder performance. Services include;

  • Diagnostic Business Reviews
  • Equity and Debt refinancing
  • Cash management
  • Solvent reconstructions
  • Profit and cash improvement
  • Realisation of assets
  • Restructuring Advice

There are many situations where BTG Restructuring can add value, for enquiries call Steve Walker on 01676 526 050 email [email protected] or visit www.bpif-financialalliance.com

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