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Red Flag Alert

Red Flag AlertHow do you find new credible customers?

How do you decide if they are credit worthy?

When do you find out one of your customers is declaring bankruptcy?

Red Flag Alert can help you answer all those questions. Its a database containing over 6 million records on every business in the UK, from the sole trader through to limited and quoted companies and its available at a click of a mouse.  
It has the added advantage of unlimited users so that everyone in the organisation can have the best knowledge available when looking for new business, assessing new accounts, granting credit terms as well as monitoring customers to ensure you avoid bad debts.

Where available it will provide full Companies House data for up to four years accounts. This is linked into real time and live daily updates from Companies House highlighting such information as director changes, plus a live court feed keeping you up to date with CCJ's High Court writs and petitions.

Red Flag Alert is designed to help you win new business and help take the risk out of doing business. Sales lists can be expensive, especially if you are asking for a rating on each visit. This database can be searched by postcode, by sector and by credit rating, giving you an invaluable tool for planning marketing and sales campaigns at those companies you wish to be doing business with.

Red Flag Alert has been designed and built with you requirements in mind. It uses the most up to date information available and provides you with a simple to use tool to help you with some of the most crucial decisions your company will need to take.

For further details please contact Steve Walker on 01676 526 050, email [email protected] or visit the website www.bpif-financialalliance.com

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