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The need for printers and packagers to demonstrate effective carbon management is growing - buyers are reviewing their supply chains to help them reduce their carbon footprint, and tenders are increasingly awarded to ‘lower carbon’ suppliers.

Printers who can measure and manage their carbon footprint will gain competitive advantage, enhance their brand and lower their environmental impact, leading to a stronger, more profitable business.

The BPIF has an end-to-end carbon management solution to help UK printers and packagers of all sizes maximise the opportunities in this area. We offer a four stage carbon management approach which can be applied to both sites and to individual print jobs. This will lead to a CarbonNeutral® certification which is organised in association with our partner The CarbonNeutral Company.


The BPIF Carbon Footprint Calculator has been developed according to the principles of BSI British Standard PAS2050 – the specification for product carbon footprints. The footprinting involves breaking down a “carbon product” (a manufacturing site or a printed product) into five “boundaries”: paper manufacture, paper distribution, the print site itself (including energy & vehicle use), waste management and retail. A BPIF environmental consultant will guide you through each step.


Your carbon footprint report shows the key sources of carbon emissions from your business or specific publications and identifies areas for management in a Carbon Reduction Programme. It also means you can tell clients what the carbon footprint of their product will be if printed at your site, helping you compete with overseas print companies. Our environment experts then help you to target carbon reductions - things that you can do to reduce your overall carbon footprint, such as increasing energy efficiency, reducing waste to landfill and reviewing travel.


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