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Could your business benefit from a Health & Safety Healthcheck?

Could your business benefit from a Health & Safety Healthcheck? back to list

23 August 2019

You wouldn’t think twice in carrying out a Healthcheck on your body with the NHS, well the BOSS can do the same for your business!

BOSS provides a Health & Safety Healthcheck which is a quick and easy review of your current processes, and provides you with a clear action plan to improve where gaps have been identified.

What does the Healthcheck include?

The BOSS Federation/BOSS will carry out a site tour of your premises and take you through a series of specific detailed questions about current practices on topics such as: 

- Arrangements and Management of Health & Safety

- Control of Machinery and Equipment Hazards

- Slips and Trips

- Transport/Traffic Route

- Skin Care and COSHH

- Upper Limb Disorder

- Lifting, Handling and Working at Height

- Auditing related documents

The areas for these topics are based on the HS&E legal requirements and best practice for the printing industry.

The Health & Safety Healthcheck is included in membership for platinum members, but available and recommended to silver and gold members for £495 plus VAT.

If you require any further information or would like to book a Healthcheck, email our Specialist Services department on [email protected]

For further information please contact:
Meeka Walwyn-Lewis
Meeka Walwyn-Lewis
01924 203335
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